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Matt Mackey III is a photographer hailing from the wet-lands of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

At 12 years old I was an extremely artful kid who grew up in a house with five boys. That year my mother brought me to a local computer show for all the new technology being introduced at the time. She bought me one of the first digital cameras created. It was about $20, so it was mildly affordable (we really couldn’t afford the equipment to even play on school's sports teams). The camera was plastic and the LCD screen was 8-bit, black and white until the files were uploaded to a computer. The images it took were sub-par and extremely pixilated. Little did I know, that camera was a spark that started the flame of something that I would carry throughout my life.

Growing up, I didn’t have the luxury of purchasing expensive camera equipment, so I made due with what I had by self-learning a newly invented system at the time called Adobe Photoshop. That program helped me take my sub-par photos and turn them into something that looked professional. By age 16, I had my first published image, and today I work with brands from Top 40 artists to some of the most prestigious companies in the world. 

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I’m a hybrid photographer. Typically their next question is, “what does that mean?” See, I shoot a range of things to include venues, portraits, food & advertising, filming, photographing, & branding musicians, and my favorite of all is - conceptual. Conceptual photography & filming gives me the ability to work with creative directors, like myself, to make something that invokes a human emotion through high-concept storytelling.

Independently and collaboratively, I’ve made magic along side talent agencies, hair & makeup artists, wardrobe, assistants, and stylists. Every step and every process is arduous, but to me it’s all worth it because I always fall in love with the product every time! I would love to work with each and everyone one of you, so I encourage you to check out my work to determine which part of my business is best suited for your project.




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